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Welcome to Grandfather's Song, the book is available from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. The book may also be ordered from a bookstore near you if they do not have it in stock.

Other books by Jake George, A New Dawn, Good Night My Sweet Baboo, and Graves' Disease In Our Own Words.

Book Reviews

An authentic Native American voice relates stories of modern reservation life blended with ancient Lenape tribal lore. Take a read: you’ll find yourself seated in tribal councils and conducted on vision quests into the farthest reaches of the universe. You’ll watch the animals turn human and tell their tales and finally you may come to understand and respect the vitality of a culture which seeks balance in all things. Jake George is a writer who deserves the same attention and respect earned by such fine novelists as Sherman Alexie and Tony Hillerman.

Sara Williams Archebooks’ best-selling author of The Don Juan Con and The Serenoa Scandal.

Grandfather’s Song opens a window to a Native American’s mind. It draws in the reader forcing him to suspend reality as other worlds appear. One is a hidden, mystical world a world where the smoke of a pipe may reveal shape shifters, ancient rituals, giants or visions of things to come; a world where death and life entwine as the Great Creator intended; a world entered only at great personal risk but avoided at even greater risk to all humankind.

Other worlds appear-new worlds and old: worlds of contemporary Indian life. Here too, reality may be as fleeting as a wisp of smoke, but the emotions are solid-sometimes wrenching-sometimes gentle-but always genuine.

Jake George, who is himself part Indian (Lenape), sees with the eagle’s eye and tells his story with the shaman’s voice. Give ear to his Grandfather’s Song.

Richard L. Evans editor of Toward the Light
and author of Life of the Eagle

If your goal is to read a book that transports you into a different world unlike any that you've read or seen before, then Jake George's Grandfather's Song is a must-read. Fantastic, authentic, thought-provoking, this book pulses with true Native American vision.

L. R. Farley
Author of Thrips

Many people can write a book, but few can tell a story in the old way like Jake George does in "Grandfather's Song." A Native American tale, "Grandfather's Song" offers a fresh new voice to fans of well-told stories and Native Legends brought to life. Thank you, Jake, for the wonderful read. I would highly recommend this book, and hope more works are forthcoming.

Lisa Adams

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If you love the book cover then you will love the Grandfather's Song gift shop. The cover is put onto a number of different mediums by the artist for your pleasure. We have a link to Julie's Web Site at the bottom of this page.

  • Requests for autographs can be sent to the address below. Please send a self addressed stamped envelope with enough postage to cover the return of the book. Or you may send a SASE envelope and I will send you a signed lable that can be put in the book or the Jewel cover of the e-book as well as a "Grandfather's Song bookmark.


  • A troubled Lenape Indian asks the Great Spirit for a vision. In Talking Coyote’s vision, a giant who calls himself, the Keeper-of-the-animals, visits him. The Keeper tells him all the animals have been saved from mankind in the Old World the Native Americans left behind millennia ago, The Old World, man left behind to come to this world to live with their brothers and sisters the animals, birds and fish. The Keeper tells Talking Coyote that the Native peoples must come back to the Old World to help maintain balance.

    “Grandfather’s Song” is the story of the Jefferson and Cornplanter families and Talking Coyote’s attempt to find his way to the Old World. Flashbacks to Lenape legends and ancient stories told around campfires tell him the path to take. Along the way he meets other Keepers and people who will help him with his vision. His success in bringing the Native people to the Old World broke up families and tribes along religious lines. Those Native Americans and other ancient peoples who have converted to a religion other than that of their ancestors are left behind when Talking Coyote leads the people to the Old World.

    The Native peoples return to the Old World to live in the old ways the Great Spirit had taught their ancestors, to live and hunt among the animals, and to live a life of balance and harmony with nature. The indigenous people of the world find themselves free to live as their ancestors had once lived, governed only by their religion and their tribal members.

    About the Author

    Jake George has been writing professionally for a number of years. Published articles and books range from medical self-help, to stories and essays about Native Americans. Jake is of mixed Lenape (Delaware Indian) and White blood. He grew up in Rochester, NY and has visited other countries throughout his life and interacted with the Native peoples, he met along the way, to learn what he could of their cultures and to impart on them some of his Native American culture and heritage. Jake is active in the winter Pow Wow circuit in Florida and dances Men’s Traditional dance. He makes the majority of his own regalia and is a maker and player of Native American flutes. Read more about the author

    Grandfather's Song is being represented by Barbara Casey Literary Agency.

    Contact Information:

    Jake George
    68 Midland Drive
    Webster, NY

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    Art From The Soul
    designed the book cover for Grandfather's Song as well as the lightning image above. Please visit Julie's site for some truly amazing artwork. I am proud to call her a friend and am very happy she honored me by doing my cover's artwork.

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